Dive into the world of the WinForms Ribbon with a spotlight on these five standout features

· RibbonForm · Quick access toolbar · Tabs · Merge support · Backstage view


Replace the default form to enable different visual styles for the Ribbon, enhancing its appearance and customization options.

Quick access toolbar

The quick access toolbar (QAT) customizes frequently used ribbon items, rendering at the top-left for easy access. Users can modify its position and add or remove commands for their convenience.


Create any number of contextual tab groups, which can be hidden or shown in certain contexts. Add different tabs to show the features of an application like in Microsoft Outlook.

Merge support

In a multiple-document interface (MDI), parent and child forms have their own ribbon menus. Users can switch forms or merge them to combine ribbon menus and items within the parent form as needed.

Backstage view

Backstage is a separate view with tabs and buttons, displaying an application's information and basic settings. The backstage items can be positioned at the top or bottom of the view for easy access.

Syncfusion WinForms Ribbon

The Ribbon provides a user-friendly interface, similar to Microsoft Office, with dynamic resizing, keyboard accessibility, and extensive customization, enabling effective organization of applications.

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