High performance

.NET MAUI DataGrid control was built from the ground up to achieve the best possible performance, even when loading large amounts of data.

Responsive DataGrid

The DataGrid layout is designed to be responsive, ensuring its adaptability across various devices.

Data binding

DataGrid can be bound to an external data source to display the data in a tabular format. It supports data sources such as lists and IEnumerable.


Explore effortless editing through in-place editing. With just a few clicks, you can confirm or undo changes, providing the most seamless editing experience.

Column types

Display diverse data types in varied column formats. Supported column types: numeric, text, date, checkbox, image, combobox, and template. Template columns load other controls within a column.

Syncfusion .NET MAUI DataGrid

This control is used to display and manipulate data in a tabular view. Its rich feature set includes different column types, sorting, autofitting for columns and rows, and styling for all elements.