Here is the list of the top features in Angular Gantt Chart.

· Virtual scrolling   · Flexible animation   · Zooming   · Auto scrolling    · Customization 

Virtual scrolling 

Use the virtual scrolling feature to load large  amounts of data without sacrificing performance. This feature minimizes the number of DOM elements and enhances overall performance.

Flexible animation 

Displaying data in Gantt Chart is made more dynamic and visually appealing through seamless animation and flexible transition options. 


When you zoom in or out, you can adjust the width of timeline cells and units. This feature enables you to examine all aspects of a project, including the finest details and overarching objectives.

Auto scrolling  

To prioritize tasks that are scheduled later in the timeline, select their corresponding rows in the grid section. Automatically, the chart will scroll to the tasks in that row.


Customize task bars and grid columns within the timeline using the template support to enhance the appearance of your data.

Syncfusion Angular Gantt Chart 

The Angular Gantt Chart is a tool for project planning and management, presenting and overseeing hierarchical tasks that include timeline specifics.