Data Visualization

Supports the visualization of any graphical objects, including text, images, shapes, and any UI Element or template. Also features a Resource Dictionary of 445+ built-in standard shapes.

High Performance

UI virtualization techniques are used to load large diagrams rapidly.


Elements in the diagram can be selected, rotated, resized, and moved. Interactions like zoom, pan, touch gestures, and keyboard shortcuts are also supported.

Automatic Layouts

Provides automatic node arrangement for organizational charts, hierarchical tree layouts, flowcharts, mind map tree layouts, and radial tree layouts.

Serialization, Printing and Exporting

Save the current state of the diagram as an XML file and load it back when needed. Easily print and export the completed diagram.


Built-in gallery of reusable symbols and nodes that can be dragged and dropped onto the diagram surface any number of times.

Overview Control

Displays a thumbnail of the full diagram page, allowing you to precisely navigate the diagram.

Diagram Ribbon Control

The Diagram Ribbon control is a supplemental user interface for the WPF Diagram that includes a quick access toolbar, application menu, and tabs for accessing the most-used functions and settings.

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