High Performance Loading and Virtualized Page Rendering

Fine-tuned to handle large amounts of data. Instantly load PDF files with thousands of pages. When working with huge documents, render pages on demand to reduce initial load time.


Include annotations in a PDF document and modify or remove existing annotations. Any kind of Xamarin control can be included in a custom stamp annotation. Button, entry, label, image, and other forms can be viewed anywhere on the page.

Form Fillings

The Xamarin PDF Viewer control allows you to add and change the content of existing forms fields in a PDF document. It detects the form fields in the PDF document by default and allows you to modify or fill in the values.

Import and Export Data

Import and export data from a PDF document, such as form fields and annotations. The import and export of form data supports 4 extensions. The DataFormat enumeration can be used to select the required file format.

Saving and Printing

The Print button in the built-in toolbar or APIs can be used to print loaded PDF documents. The SaveDocument method returns the PDF document as a stream, which can be saved as a file, along with any changes made (annotation additions and modification).

Text Selection

Select text from a PDF document and copy it to the clipboard. Press and hold any word in the PDF page until selection bubbles appear at the top-left and bottom-right corners of its bounds.

Text Search

The Xamarin PDF Viewer control allows you to search for and highlight text in PDF documents, as well as execute text search operations. Find all instances of a particular section of text and easily navigate through them.


Bookmarks saved in PDF files are loaded and ready for use. The hyperlink navigation function allows users to navigate to URLs (website links) within PDF files. Users can also navigate to different parts of a PDF file that are listed in a table of contents.

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