Microsoft Excel Help Center

The best platform for learning Excel online is the Microsoft Excel Help Center. It is a Microsoft official website. You may learn MS Excel with the help of a variety of tutorials.


GCF has a comprehensive set of free online tools for learning Excel. You can learn advanced and basic Excel topics.

Excel Exposure

Another excellent tool for learning Excel online is Excel Exposure. It has links to video lectures in a free online training course. It covers topics like macros, error checking, and conditional formatting.


Chandoo is an exciting online learning platform for Microsoft Excel. You can start with the fundamentals, progress to more complex topics, and learn conditional formatting to build reports more quickly.

The Smart Method

A noteworthy free resource for learning MS Excel online is The Smart Method. Their program for basic skills is free.


Contextures provides a great option to learn Excel online for free. It offers everything you need to become an Excel master. You have access to a huge range of tutorials, sample files, and videos.

Excel Hero

All of the important Excel-related topics can be found on the blog Excel Hero. You’ll see how to automate your Excel sheets by using a variety of VBA procedures.

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