Here is the list of top 7 features of Angular Scheduler.

· Scheduler Views · View Configuration  · Data Binding · Timeline Views · Exporting Scheduler · Real-time Data Synchronization · UI Customization

Scheduler Views

Display appointments in different modes with: • Day view • Week view • Monthly view • Workweek view • Timeline view.

View Configuration

It is simple to modify the calendar settings for each unique display mode. You can use event templates in week view and enable grouping in month view.

Data Binding

Bind local as well as remote data sources such as JSON, RESTful services, OData services, and WCF services seamlessly.By default, data is loaded on demand to reduce transfer and load times.

Timeline Views

Offers five built-in views: • Timeline day • Timeline week • Timeline workweek • Timeline month • Timeline year Timeline views virtually load resources, events, and appointments with every scroll action to boost performance.

Exporting Scheduler

By default, you can automatically export all Scheduler component events to an Excel document. Export to iCal format and import events from an iCal file.

Real-time Data Synchronization

Using the Google Calendar API or Microsoft’s Outlook object library, you can quickly synchronize events between Syncfusion’s Scheduler and Google or Outlook Calendars.

UI Customization

With the help of HTML and CSS styles, you can modify the appearance of any part of the Scheduler component’s interface.

Syncfusion Angular Scheduler

The Angular Scheduler component is an event calendar used to set up and manage appointments using editor pop-ups, drag and drop, and resizing actions.

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