Dive into the world of the Angular File Upload with a spotlight on these standout features

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AJAX file uploader

You can upload files asynchronously using the File Upload component. To manage the upload process in the server, the upload process needs save and remove action URLs. The upload can be manual or automatic.

Resumable upload

You can pause, resume, retry, and cancel a file upload using built-in features. As a result, users can upload large files safely, including videos, images, and other high-resolution files. The component also provides the option to automatically pause and resume uploads depending on the server connection.

Drag and drop

A more user-friendly way of selecting and uploading multiple files is by simply dragging them from the file explorer to the drop area (drop zone).


The default appearance of the uploader can be customized using templates. Both a file list template and a custom template are supported by the Angular File Upload component.


The localization library allows you to Localize all the static text content of the uploader. This includes the default text content of action buttons, file status, clear icon title, tooltips, and drag area text content. Define a culture's locale object and assign it to the L10n load method.

Right to left

Right-to-left (RTL) rendering is supported by the Angular File Upload component to improve the user experience and accessibility for users who read and write in RTL languages.


By simply overriding Sass variables or by utilizing our Theme Studio application, users can customize any of the built-in themes or create new ones to capture their own desired look and feel.

Syncfusion Angular File Upload

Angular File Upload, also known as Material File Upload, is a component for uploading one or more files, such as images, documents, audio, and video, to a server. It is an enhanced version of the HTML5 upload component with a rich set of features.

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