Column sizing

The TreeGrid allows for column width adjustment (autofit) based on the content of any column or column header. This feature ensures that all the columns will fit within the viewport.

Grid lines

In TreeGrid, adjust the visibility of the grid lines so you can see the lines that are vertical, horizontal, both, or none.

Row drag and drop

Move nodes between TreeGrid and other controls like ListView, TreeView, and DataGrid using drag and drop. When the selection mode is set to multiple or extended, you can select and drag multiple nodes.

Excel exporting

The data in TreeGrid can be exported to Microsoft Excel, with a range of options for customization. This includes the ability to exclude or include specific columns, set custom row heights and column widths, and much more.

Cell merging

Combine data from adjacent cells in a row across columns dynamically and display it in one cell. Create your own custom logic to merge cells based on their content.

Clipboard operations

Convenient clipboard operations enable you to perform cut, copy, and paste actions seamlessly within the control itself and even between the control and external applications like Notepad or Excel.

Syncfusion WinUI TreeGrid

The TreeGrid is a data-oriented control designed to showcase self-relational information through a tree structure UI. Its extensive range of functionalities comprises various column types for editing, on-demand data loading, and more.