Explore the top 6 technology brands.

· Apple · Google   · Microsoft  · Tencent  · Facebook  · Nvidia


Apple consistently receives excellent recommendation scores in every category in which it appears—the brand inspires loyalty unlike any other in the market.


Google LLC is a U.S.-based, worldwide technology company specializing in internet-related services and products such as online advertising technologies, cloud computing, and its well-known search engine.


Microsoft is one of the most advanced and extensive computer brands available on the market. The Windows operating system is a huge success, bringing in millions of dollars for the firm.


Tencent is a Chinese technology and entertainment holding company from Shenzhen. It is one of the largest investors in the video game industry.


Meta Platforms, Inc., formerly Facebook, Inc., is a world -wide technology firm situated in Menlo Park, California. The company owns a number of businesses, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.


Nvidia Corporation, now based in Californian, was established in Delaware and is a global technology company. It offers graphics processing units to be used in gaming and professional applications.

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