Automatic layout

Built-in automatic layout algorithms, which arranges the nodes automatically based on a predefined layout logic.

Seamless data binding

Easily create and position nodes and connectors in diagrams by binding data from various sources to the diagram without writing any code. Simply map the relevant data source fields to properties in the diagram to convert, map, and consume data in any format.

Interactive editing

The React Diagram provides interactive features such as panning and zooming, snapping, undoing and redoing, selecting, resizing, rotating, dragging and dropping.

Gallery of reusable symbols

The SymbolPalette displays a collection of palettes, each containing a set of nodes and connectors that can be dragged and dropped into the diagram page multiple times.

Adapts to any resolution

The Diagram has a responsive layout and is optimized for use on desktops, touchscreen devices, and mobile phones. It is compatible with all mobile phones running iOS, Android, or Windows operating systems.

Attractive, customizable themes

The Diagram has a cutting-edge design and comes with several built-in themes, including Fluent, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, Material, and Fabric. Use the online Theme Studio tool to easily customize the themes of the diagram.

Syncfusion React Diagram

The React Diagram is a comprehensive library for creating and editing interactive diagrams, including flowcharts, organizational charts, mind maps, and BPMN charts.