High performance

By default, load on demand (lazy load) is activated to minimize data usage while handling large amounts of data. Only the top-level nodes are loaded initially, and subsequent child nodes are loaded as soon as their parent node is expanded.

Seamless data binding

The TreeView component can be bound to any valid data source in JSON format. This data can be either local or remote and can be accessed using adapters such as OData, OData V4, URL, JSON, and web API.

Admirable feature set

The React TreeView has built-in support for load on demand, bound and unbound modes, drag and drop, multiselection, and editing.

Visualize hierarchical data

The React TreeView presents hierarchical data in a tree-like structure. The data can be derived from a nested array of JSON objects and sourced from a hierarchical data provider.

Adapts to any resolution

The TreeView has a highly adaptive design optimized for desktops, touchscreens, and mobile devices. It provides seamless performance on all mobile phones running iOS, Android, or Windows.

Attractive, customizable theme

The TreeView features a modern design with a variety of built-in themes, including Fluent, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, Material, and Fabric. You can easily customize the TreeView's themes using the online Theme Studio tool.

Syncfusion React TreeView

The React TreeView is a UI element that displays hierarchical data in a tree format. It offers exceptional performance with its advanced features, such as load on demand, and checkbox support, and many more.