High performance

The ListView in Xamarin deliver optimal performance on the Xamarin platform by employing an efficient reuse strategy, seamless scrolling experience, even when handling extensive data sets.

Data binding

The Xamarin ListView comes with integrated support for loading data from various data sources and offers out of the box capabilities for sorting, grouping, and filtering.

Custom template

Utilize data templates to host any view or control for customizing the ListView items. The control enables dynamic selection of the UI for each item customization using a data template selector.

Drag and drop

You can reorder items in Xamarin ListView by either long pressing or using the drag indicator view. Additionally, it supports customization of item appearances during the dragging process.

Expandable ListView

Present the items of the ListView in an accordion-style view. Each item can be expanded or extended to show the content related to that specific item.

ListView footer

Set a footer to be fixed at the bottom of the control or allow it to scroll. Personalize the footer by incorporating various views like images, text, and more.

Syncfusion Xamarin ListView

The Xamarin ListView control is an interface resembling a list, utilized for displaying a collection of data items in either a vertical or horizontal arrangement with a linear or grid layout representation.