The Diagram library provides all the standard flowchart shapes in the form of premade objects, allowing users to easily add them to a diagram surface with just a single call. 

Organizational charts

Automatically organize parent and child node positions using a built-in layout algorithm specifically designed for organizational charts. 


Visualize any graphical element using nodes, which can be organized and manipulated simultaneously on a diagram page. 

Interactive features

Enhance the diagram editing experience at runtime by using interactive features. Effortlessly modify a diagram utilizing mouse, touchscreen, or keyboard interfaces.

Automatic layout

Utilize automatic layouts for organizing nodes effortlessly according to a predetermined layout algorithm. The control includes integrated hierarchical tree, radial tree, and symmetric layout options.

Data binding

By simply adjusting a few properties, data in any format can be effortlessly transformed, mapped, and utilized in the Diagram without the need for writing any code. 

Syncfusion WinForms Diagram

The WinForms Diagram is a comprehensive library that enables the visualization, creation, and modification of interactive diagrams. It facilitates the creating of flowcharts and network diagrams using either code or a visual interface.