A pointer is a tool used to indicate values on an axis. All of the pointers can be customized as needed. To point to multiple values on the same scale, you can add multiple pointers to the gauge. The Flutter Radial Gauge widget has four types of pointers.


The gauge range is a graphic element that allows you to see where a value falls on the axis easily. To improve readability, the text can be annotated. A range can be moved far from or near to the axis line.


The axis of the Flutter Radial Gauge widget is an easily customizable radial arc on which a collection of data is plotted based on business logic. It shows a series of values along a linear or custom scale based on the design needs.


The enable Loading Animation property of the radial gauge allows all of its parts to be animated. This property's default value is false. The animationDuration attribute of the gauge controls the duration of the animation.


Annotations display metadata about a gauge in a plotting area at specific areas of interest. You can add widgets such as text and images as an annotation.


The Flutter Radial Gauge widget allows you to save a gauge as a PNG image or a PDF document. 

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