High performance

The React Word Processor has been designed and optimized for high performance.

Find and replace

The React Word Processor features a navigation pane similar to Microsoft Word, which offers user-friendly controls for searching text, moving among results, and replacing text.

Microsoft Word-like editor

The Word Processor is a comprehensive document editor that allows you to integrate Microsoft Word-like word processing functionality within your web application.

Restrict editing

Word Processor can limit editing access. When a document is protected with range permissions, only a specific user or user group is authorized to make changes to designated sections of the text area.

Add notes using comments

Add comments to documents. You can add, navigate, and remove comments through both the user interface and code.

Track and review changes

The track changes feature keeps a record of all edits made to a document, allowing you to accept or reject them later. This tool is useful for managing multiple reviewers' modifications to the same document.

Syncfusion React Word Processor

The React Word Processor is a feature-rich UI component that allows users to create, edit, view, and print Word documents. It has editing capabilities like Microsoft Word and provides all the standard word-processing features.