High performance

The JavaScript Spreadsheet is designed and optimized for loading large amounts of data into a worksheet to be viewed on demand with the help of row and column virtualization.

Seamless data binding

Use the data manager to seamlessly connect to a wide range of local and remote data sources, including JSON, OData, WCF, and RESTful web services.

Wide range of built-in formulas

The JavaScript Spreadsheet library provides a wide range of formulas with cross-sheet referencing support. It comes with a built-in calculation engine that performs formula calculations.

Collaborative editing

Workbooks can be shared with ease. Spreadsheet allows for simultaneous use by numerous users, and each can immediately see any modifications made by the others.

Transform data into a chart

The chart function turns the Spreadsheet data into a presentable summary, allowing better decision-making and comprehension.

Easy-to-use formatting

JavaScript Spreadsheet allows users to format cells and numbers. You can use conditional formatting to format a cell or range of cells based on the conditions applied.

Syncfusion JavaScript Spreadsheet

The JavaScript Spreadsheet is a feature-rich component. It offers all the functionalities found in common Excel use, such as data binding, selection, editing, formatting, resizing, sorting, and importing and exporting Excel files.