Application Security

Application security protects us from potential online dangers like data theft, DoS attacks, SQL injection, and other issues. Examples of such tools are firewalls, encryption, and antivirus software.

Network Security

The purpose of network security is to keep data and networks reliable and usable. It includes both hardware and software technologies that are designed to prevent unauthorized access.

Internet Security

One of the most important types of computer security is internet security. It provides protection against malware, computer viruses, DoS attacks, hacking, and other threats.

Information Security

Information security is a collection of procedures designed to prevent unauthorized access to and improper use of data, resulting in breaches of its confidentiality, integrity, and availability (known as CIA triad).

Endpoint Security

This type of security protects individual computers from malware and other attacks. Endpoint security is important because computers are often the targets of attacks.


These are just a few examples of computer security. Every business and individual should take steps to make their own system secure against the many risks technology users face today.

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