Angular CLI

The Angular CLI is an excellent tool for building and managing Angular apps. By eliminating the tedious task of manually creating each file, productivity is increased.

Construct readable code

The code must be readable if you want restructuring to be as effective as possible. Readable code is easier to comprehend, which makes it simpler to modify, debug, and maintain.

Make minimal pure functions

Keep your functions short and clear when writing them to carry out business logic. It's a good idea to abstract some of the logic to a new function when you start to see that your current one is growing lengthy and cluttered.

Delete any unnecessary code

If you keep unused code in place, it may become difficult or nearly impossible to determine if it is truly being used or not in the future.

Make use of TypeScript

Angular is based on TypeScript, which offers us refactoring, easy navigation, and sophisticated autocompletion.

Syncfusion Angular UI Components

As it includes over 80+ high-performance, lightweight, modular, and responsive UI components in one package, the Syncfusion Angular UI component library is the only toolkit you will ever need to build an application.