Official Blazor Forum

This official forum developed by Microsoft, serves as a platform where you can pose questions you may have about the usage or development of Blazor. The  forum also helps share knowledge, insights, and experiences related to Blazor development.

Stack Overflow - Blazor Tag

Stack Overflow, a platform extensively utilized for questions and answers, hosts an active and dynamic community of developers under the Blazor tag. This community is always prepared to help, showcasing the platform's effectiveness and knowledge sharing.

r/Blazor on Reddit

This subreddit is a specialized platform specifically tailored for conducting discussions, providing tutorials, and sharing news that revolves around Blazor. It is an ideal place to immerse oneself and actively participate in the Blazor community.

Blazor Discord Server

An innovative online platform for real-time discussions, instant help, and community building among Blazor enthusiasts, acting as a digital hub for sharing experiences, insights, and ideas about Blazor.

GitHub - Blazor Repository

This vital platform allows users to address issues, participate in discussions and stay informed about ongoing development. It fosters active participation from developers and users, enabling them to contribute by reporting any encountered product issues.

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