Different Filtering Modes

Xamarin Autocomplete has a predefined set of filtering options that filter suggestions based on the characters typed in the text box. You can also choose whether to filter with or without case sensitivity.

Multiple Selection

Use the Xamarin Autocomplete control to perform a multipath search using search criteria other than the predefined filtering modes. These items appear as tokens, such as in an email and address bar.

On-Demand Loading

If there are more filtered items than can fit in the view area, they won’t all be populated. Limit the number shown and provide a load more button, if necessary.

Text Highlighting

The Xamarin Autocomplete control highlights the matching text in each suggested item. It allows users to detect how the items are filtered and select items with more clarity. The UI also facilitates searching.

Diacritic Sense

The Xamarin.Forms AutoComplete control includes a special feature for supporting languages with diacritic letters and searching for them with English characters from an en-US keyboard.

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