Virtual scrolling

Users can smoothly scroll through the pages of the document with a fluent experience. Virtual scrolling reduces data load times and enhances user navigation.


Users can easily zoom in and out of a PDF document's content by pinching the page or changing the zoom level programmatically. You can also enable or disable double-tap zooming.

Document link annotation

Tap a document link annotation in the table of contents to navigate to a desired topic or position in a PDF document. Users can programmatically enable or disable this navigation.

Bookmark navigation

In the Flutter PDF Viewer, users can easily navigate to bookmarked sections or pages.

Page navigation

The Flutter PDF Viewer allows users to quickly navigate to a specific page in a PDF document. If the desired page does not exist, the navigation will fail, and the current page will be kept in view.

Build Modern Flutter Widgets

Syncfusion Flutter widgets are written in native Dart, allowing you to create sophisticated, high-quality apps for iOS, Android, web, Windows, macOS, and Linux with a single code base.