Components are code fragments that can be combined to provide more complex functionality. It is easier to update and maintain your application if you divide it into components. You create your app by considering how these components will work together.

One-way data flow

The state of your application is stored in the topmost component in React. You create a reference to the topmost component and handle it there when you need to change it in a subcomponent.


The ability to hand off React projects to any other React developer is made possible by clean, developer-friendly code. Start small and gradually build complex web applications with growing teams.

Native performance

React renders user interfaces with native APIs and an asynchronous bridge that executes JS code on a separate thread without interfering with the UI rendering.

Code reusability

Reusability of code is yet another benefit of React. We can reuse isolated components without having an impact on the system as a whole. We can manage updates very easily because of the segregation of React components.

Build modern  React apps

The Syncfusion React suite offers 80+ UI and data visualization web controls,   like DataGrid, Charts, and Scheduler, that are responsive and lightweight for building modern web apps.