Multilanguage support

Using the globalization feature in the Angular DateRangePicker, you can change the names of days, months, and the today button to any supported language. A particular culture can be set for the date format and the first day of the week.

Date range limitations and validations

Range selection in a DateRangePicker can be restricted by users to within a specific minimum and maximum number of days  and to only valid dates.


For mobile devices, the Angular DateRangePicker offers a responsive and adaptive user interface (UI).


Control and customize the appearance of the DateRangePicker component with its events and properties.

Themes support

Supports Material, Bootstrap, Fabric (Office 365), Tailwind CSS, and high contrast built-in, SASS-based themes. Using the Theme Studio application, you can override an existing theme or create a custom one.

Syncfusion Angular DateRangePicker

The mobile-friendly and lightweight Angular DateRangePicker component enables users to type start and end date values directly in the HTML input text box or choose the dates as a range from a calendar pop-up.