Here is the list of the top 5 interactive features of JavaScript File Manager.

· Data storage services   · Virtualization   · Layout customization   · Drag-and-drop support  · File upload and access    restrictions

Data storage services

Streamline your data management processes by seamlessly integrating with local, database, and cloud data storage services, allowing you to efficiently access, retrieve, and manipulate data regardless of its storage location.


The UI virtualization feature of File Manager allows for the smooth loading of numerous directories and files in details view and large icons view, without sacrificing performance.

Layout customization

You can modify the component’s layout by incorporating features such as right-to-left alignment, enabling or disabling of the toolbar and navigation pane, and switching between different views to personalize the user experience.

Drag-and-drop support

By utilizing the drag-and-drop functionality, users can effortlessly relocate files and folders within the file system. The drag-and-drop support can be enabled or disabled based on individual preferences or specific requirements.

File upload and access restrictions

Control file access with defined rules for authorized users. Specify allowed file types for uploading in the File Manager, restricting other file types.

Syncfusion JavaScript File Manager

The JavaScript File Manager offers a modern user interface for seamless and efficient file and folder management within the file system.