Here is the list of the top 5 interactive features of JavaScript DataGrid control.

· High performance  · Adaptive UI layout  · Exporting and printing  · Custom template options  · Editing

High performance

Strategically designed for high-speed performance, with the primary focus on loading millions of records in a second.

Adaptive UI layout

The JavaScript Data Grid UI is customized and adaptive to small screens. Filter, sort, and search dialogs, and render row elements vertically for improved usability.

Exporting and printing

Export the Data Grid in multiple file formats, such as Excel, PDF, and CSV. Print all the rows, regardless of the number of pages, as well as the currently viewed page.

Custom template options

Allows users to create custom user experiences in the JavaScript Grid based on their application needs using a wide range of template options.


In addition to built-in editors, create custom editor controls according to the application's needs using templates. Edit with the array collection or remote data service with the data manager.

Syncfusion JavaScript DataGrid

The JavaScript DataGrid is a powerful tool for tabulating data with features like data binding, editing, Excel-style filtering, custom sorting, aggregating rows, selecting, and easy exporting.