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Top 5 Interactive Features of Blazor DateTime Picker  

Value binding 

You can bind a value to the DateTime Picker component by directly binding to the Value property. Use the bind-Value attribute for two-way binding. You can also change values dynamically. 

Date and time ranges 

You can restrict the DateTime Picker so that only date and time values within a specific min and max range can be entered or selected. 

Custom DateTime Picker 

In addition to the standard, built-in themes, the Blazor DateTime Picker allows complete customization of its appearance to suit your application. 

Highlight weekends 

Highlight any date of the year or every weekend in a month as special days using custom styling. 

Masking support 

The masking feature in the Blazor DateTime Picker ensures users input date and time values accurately using the Format property. This ensures correct input and enhances user understanding of date and time entry. 

Syncfusion Blazor DateTime Picker 

The Blazor DateTime Picker is a lightweight and mobile-friendly component for seamless date and time entry, offering a pop-up calendar, dropdown time list, and convenient views for swift navigation. 

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