Here is the list of the top 5 interactive features of Angular ListBox.

· Default selection · Group items by category · Dual ListBoxes with drag and drop · Form support · Toolbar

Default selection

Managing item selection is easy with the Angular ListBox. Multiple selection is enabled by default.

Group items by category

Categorize the list items to enable quick item selection and enhance the user's visual experience.

Dual ListBoxes with drag and drop

Easily drag and drop elements between two ListBoxes with adjustable placeholders and item hints.

Form support

ListBox has smooth integration with various form types, such as HTML forms, Angular template-driven forms, and reactive forms. Users can effortlessly incorporate the ListBox into their chosen form implementation.


The ListBox toolbar enables users to execute predefined actions such as reordering and item transferring (move chosen or all elements between linked ListBoxes).

Syncfusion Angular ListBox

The Angular ListBox is a visually appealing graphical user interface that showcases a list of items, allowing users to choose from it through checkboxes or keyboard interactions.