Upload large files

Manage large file uploads efficiently using chunk upload. Large files are sliced into smaller chunks and uploaded to the server in a sequential order.

Drag and drop

Upload multiple files by simply dragging them from the file explorer to the ASP.NET Core File Upload control's drop area (drop zone), which is a more user-friendly way to select and upload multiple files.

Multiple file upload

You can select multiple files and upload them to a server at the same time. This is useful for uploading images to a gallery and for file sharing.

Resumable upload

You can pause, resume, retry, and cancel a file upload using built-in features. It helps users upload high-resolution images, videos, and other large files safely. There is also an option to automatically pause and resume uploads depending on the server connection.


Templates are used to customize the default appearance of the uploader. The ASP.NET Core File Upload control supports file list template and custom template.

Syncfusion ASP.NET Core File Upload control

The ASP.NET Core File Upload control is used for uploading one or multiple files, images, documents, audio, video, and other files to a server. It is an improved version of the HTML5 upload control.