Scheduler View Modes

To display appointments in different modes, Xamarin Scheduler supports: day view, week view, monthly view, workweek view, timeline view.

Views Customization

Distinguish between working hours and nonworking hours. Change the start and end hours. Through templates, you can set various cell views for each month and set different time labels. Customization of time slot appearance is possible.

Recurring Appointments

Repeat the events using recurring appointments. Set recurrent patterns for a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Appointment Rescheduling

Drag an appointment from one time slot and drop it into another to reschedule it quickly. Prevent the dropping of appointments in specific time slots and limit the ability to reschedule certain appointments.

Time Zones

Regardless of the time zone selected in the system or device, display appointments scheduled in different time zones in the preferred time zone. Additionally, appointment hours are automatically changed and presented based on daylight saving time.

The Xamarin Scheduler component is an event calendar used to set up and manage appointments using a simple user experience that is similar to the native calendar on devices.

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