Chart types

We provide over 40 2D chart types and more than 10 3D chart types for creating interactive, live charts. Each chart type is easily customizable and has built-in support for creating stunning visual effects.

High performance

Display thousands of data points in a few seconds. Even if you interact with the chart using a touch device, you will not experience any performance degradation, screen flicker, or visual delays.

Data labels and markers

Data points in WPF Charts can be easily labeled to improve readability. The addition of markers and other customizable symbols can improve readability even more.

Chart axis

WPF Charts supports four different types of axes: numerical, categorical, date-time, and logarithmic. It includes properties for customizing the appearance of all chart axis elements.

Animated charts

With smooth data transitions, animation enhances the appearance of the chart. WPF Charts allows users to enable or disable animations as well as change the animation speed.

Syncfusion WPF Charts Component

WPF Charts is a high-performance chart component that can render large amounts of data quickly and elegantly. The built-in chart wizard allows you to easily customize the chart at both design time and runtime.