Dive into the world of the WinForms ComboBox with a spotlight on these five standout features

· Suggest and append · Multiselect · Tokens · Conditional styling · Watermark

Suggest and append

The control performs case-sensitive autocompletion where it will recommend a set of words that complete what the user starts typing. The user can then select the desired words.


Multiselection in ComboBox allows you to select multiple items using the checkboxes next to them from the auto suggestion list.


Tokens can be used for the selected items instead of checkboxes, displayed as rounded polygon shapes. The user can select and deselect the items at run time.

Conditional styling

Conditional styling lets you customize the appearance of the selected items in the dropdown list as you like.


Watermark text is an indicator to the user to fill in the ComboBox with a value. If the value is empty, the watermark will be displayed in the form of a text prompt.

Syncfusion WinForms ComboBox

The WinForms ComboBox control enables users to search for and filter items in a dropdown. It offers a wide range of features for easy usability.

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