Data binding

Bind data to the TreeView component from various data sources like XML, JSON, JSONP, local, or remote sources. Fetch data using adaptors such as OData, OData V4, URL, JSON, and Web API.

Tree nodes with icons

Display nodes with labels and icons to enhance readability. These features are helpful in making a typical directory tree and file system.

Checkbox tri-state node

Use a tri-state mode for checkboxes in parent nodes. In this mode, the parent node enters an indeterminate state when its child nodes are partially checked.

Multiple node selection

Enable users to select multiple nodes. When the drag-and-drop feature is enabled, all the selected nodes can be dragged at the same time.

Context menu

Integrate a context menu with the TreeView component, triggered by right-clicking on a node. This menu enables users to perform node manipulations like adding, removing, and renaming nodes.

Syncfusion Vue TreeView

The Vue TreeView, or Vue tree menu, is a graphical user interface component that displays hierarchical data in a tree structure.