High performance

With its optimized design, TreeGrid can load millions of records in only a few seconds.

Seamless data binding

Use the data manager to seamlessly connect data from a variety of local and remote data sources, including JSON, OData, WCF, and RESTful web services.

Self-referential, hierarchical grid

A self-referential and hierarchical structure can be viewed in tabular form using the TreeGrid. The relationship between child and parent records is easily understood in this type of visualization.

Flexible editing

Create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) actions are performed with built-in editor components or by using an array of JSON data or a remote data service with the help of the data manager.

Adapts to any resolution

The Vue TreeGrid has a layout that is highly responsive and designed for desktops, touchscreens, and mobile devices. It functions nicely on all phones running Windows, iOS, or Android.

Syncfusion Vue TreeGrid

Vue TreeGrid is a feature-rich control that is used to efficiently display self-referential, hierarchical data in a tree-like structure.