Explore the Vue Ribbon control’s five standout features.

 · Tabs and groups  · Simplified layout    · Built-in ribbon items    · Custom ribbon items    · Help pane 

Tabs and groups 

Organize functions in a structured way for quick access. Enhance the user experience by grouping related features. 

Simplified layout 

A single-row view gives better usability. End users can use the integrated toggle button to switch to normal mode quickly and access other frequently used items in the overflow menu.

Built-in ribbon items 

Several built-in components, such as combo boxes, dropdowns, and split buttons, can be customized for particular actions. Make them small, medium, or large. 

Custom ribbon items 

The Vue Ribbon lets you customize items using templates for elements not built-in and HTML content. 

Help pane 

The help pane template is located on the Ribbon's right side. It allows users to view help information for common tasks like sharing features and controlling document permissions.   

Syncfusion Vue Ribbon 

The Vue Ribbon component offers a user-friendly interface via tabs, providing structured access to various features and functions, thereby improving the overall user experience.