Here is the list of the top 5 features of Vue File Manager.

· Flexible operations  · High performance   · Personalizing the appearance  · File or folder access restrictions  · Drag and drop support

Flexible operations

The file manager allows users to perform various file operations, including uploading, downloading, deleting, creating, sorting, searching, and renaming. Additionally, it offers the functionality to preview images.

High performance

A modern user interface for easy and effective management of files and folders in the file system. Scroll large directories and files in details and large icons views to load them dynamically, maintaining optimal performance.

Personalizing the appearance

Customize the component's layout with features like right-to-left alignment, toolbar and navigation pane toggling, themes, and switching between views, to personalize the user experience.

File or folder access restrictions

Ensure secure file access by implementing defined rules for authorized users. In the File Manager, specify the file types allowed for uploading, while restricting others.

Drag and drop support

Users can effortlessly move files and folders within the file system using the drag-and-drop functionality. This feature can be enabled or disabled based on preferences or requirements.

Syncfusion Vue File Manager

Also known as the File Explorer, it is designed for efficient file system management. It helps users to seamlessly perform various file operations, such as accessing, editing, and sorting files and folders.