Data binding

The control offers both ItemsSource binding and unbound mode for node population. In unbound mode, it can serve as a navigation control, and with MVVM, you can use the TreeView's properties and commands.

Custom template

The TreeView control allows node customization with images and custom views via templates. It offers dynamic UI selection for both parent and child nodes using a data template selector.


The TreeView supports item selection via code and touch. It provides single, single-deselect, multiple, extended, and none selection modes, along with customizable background colors for selected items.

Expander position

Customize the positioning of the expander view within tree nodes to suit your specific design and layout preferences.

Auto-size tree nodes

The control automatically adjusts tree node heights for readability. Users can conditionally set the node height, even for a specific level or node.

Syncfusion .NET MAUI TreeView

The .NET MAUI TreeView control displays data in a tree structure, letting you expand and collapse nodes. You can bind data, create nodes, and customize the UI easily.