Here is the list of the top 5 .NET MAUI DataForm features

· Editors  · Grouping   · Validation  · Layouts  · Localization


The DataForm control offers default editors for basic data types like text, enums, dates, and time durations, allowing customization to enhance user interaction.


The.NET MAUI DataForm enables users to group editors that are related to one another, enhancing their experience, and understanding by categorizing related data.


Users can easily validate data or input before committing it to the underlying data object. Through error notifications, it prompts users to correct any inaccuracies, or confirms the validity of their data before proceeding.


The DataForm control  allows organizing data forms in linear or grid layouts to meet specific design requirements.


Customize label text, group titles, placeholder text, and error notifications to accommodate various languages per user preference in DataForm control.

Syncfusion .NET MAUI DataForm

The .NET MAUI DataForm control allows users to display, edit, and customize data forms like login, reservation, employee information, and contact forms. They also customize the appearance of editors, groups, and validation labels.

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