Dive into the world of the Flutter Calendar with a spotlight on these five standout features

Blackout dates

Time zone

Recurring appointments

Special time regions

Load more data on demand

One of the most important aspects of a calendar is the ability to load on demand. Our Syncfusion Calendar widget provides the common scheduling functionalities that aid in the loading data on demand.

Load more data  on demand

Using the special time regions, you can limit user interaction in the timeslot views to specific time periods like weekends, holidays, and more. It is used to block user interaction for planning and scheduling.

Special time  regions

Users can easily configure recurring events to be repeated on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, as well as skip or modify the occurrence of a recurring appointment.

Recurring appointments

Users can create appointments in different time zones on different views by using the calendar. variations. Regardless of the time zone in your device, the Calendar supports setting any required time zone for the control itself, as well as individual events.

Time zone

By using the Syncfusion Flutter Calendar widget, users can disable any date interaction on specific dates in the month and timeline month views of a calendar to make it inactive.

Blackout  dates

Syncfusion Flutter Calendar

The Flutter Calendar, or scheduler library, was natively written in Dart and has eight built-in, configurable view modes that provide basic functionalities for scheduling, managing, and representing appointments efficiently. 

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