Here is the list of the top 5 features of Blazor Word Processor

· High performance · Microsoft Word-like editor · Restrict editing · Find and replace · Create and fill a form

High performance

The Word Processor in Blazor has been developed and optimized to achieve excellent performance.

Microsoft Word-like editor

The Word Processor is a comprehensive Word document editing component. It allows you to incorporate a Microsoft Word processing solution into your web application.

Restrict editing

It enables you to limit editing. When a document is protected with range permissions, only a specific user or user group is granted the authority to alter a distinct text area.

Find and replace

The Blazor Word Processor features a navigation pane inspired by Microsoft Word, offering user-friendly UI options for text searching, result navigation, and text replacement.

Create and fill a form

The Word Processor features an easy-to-use interface for generating fillable forms in documents by incorporating legacy form fields, similar to Microsoft Word.

Syncfusion Blazor Word Processor

The Blazor Word Processor, also referred to as the document editor, is a highly functional UI component that offers editing features similar to Microsoft Word.