Explore the Blazor TreeGrid control’s five standout features.

· High performance  · Responsive pager  · Adaptive UI layout  · Frozen columns  · Print

High performance

With column and row virtualization, you can load thousands of records in a second without any performance loss.

Responsive pager

The pager UI automatically fits whatever the TreeGrid dimensions are, allowing it to function seamlessly on any device.

Adaptive UI layout

The TreeGrid user interface adapts to any screen size, providing great views and usability even on the smallest screens.

Frozen columns

Lock columns to the left or right side of the TreeGrid and scroll through the rest to compare cell values.


You can print the TreeGrid data by using the print option or programmatically.

Syncfusion Blazor TreeGrid

The Blazor TreeGrid is a feature-rich component used to visualize self-referential hierarchical (tree-like structure) data effectively in a tabular format, offering a wide range of features.