Toast Positions

Using predefined positions or custom axis values, you can easily move the Blazor Toast component to any location you want (x, y).

Toast Animation

Hide or show pop-up notifications anywhere with different animation effects. Configure the duration of the toast animations according to the content length and the reading time of the notification message.

Message types

Use built-in message types such as success, warning, error, and information.

Progress Bar in Toast

Users can enable a progress bar inside the Toast control to track the progress of an operation and the expiration of a toast message.

Toast Validation

Users can check for duplicate toast alerts and only allow unique toast messages to appear on the screen. They can limit the number of toasts that can be displayed at once. Additionally, users can force toast messages to stay on the screen and prevent them from disappearing.

Syncfusion Blazor Toast

The Blazor Toast control is a small, beautiful, nonblocking pop-up notification that can be rendered at a specific target location to show the users readable message content. It disappears automatically with different kinds of animation effects.