Dive into the world of the Blazor Spinner with a spotlight on these five standout features · Descriptive labels · Spinner integration · Various sizes · Customization · Built-in theme

Descriptive labels

Add meaningful task labels to the Blazor Spinner component for extra context.

Spinner integration

The Spinner component can be rendered with other Blazor components, such as the Tab component. Attach it as a child and toggle the visibility while tab switching.

Various sizes

Adjust Blazor Spinner’s size (large, medium, small) to integrate it with diverse layouts.


You can customize the Blazor Spinner component’s default look with color and stroke width changes. Adjust the z-index dynamically based on app scenarios.

Built-in theme

Easily customize the built-in themes: Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap 5/4, Material, Fabric, high contrast. Modify in Sass or using our Theme Studio app.

Syncfusion Blazor Spinner

The Blazor Spinner component denotes when long-running tasks are ongoing, tasks for which there is no information about their progress. The component provides circular progress indicators without interaction capabilities.