Here is the list of the top 5 features of Blazor PDF Viewer

· High performance · Enhanced digital workflow · Rich annotation · Custom toolbar · Responsive rendering

High performance

Instantly load thousands of PDF pages. Support for on-demand loading and virtualization helps minimize the initial loading time for larger PDF files.

Enhanced digital workflow

Include handwritten signatures in PDF files. Effortlessly resize, relocate, remove, and store signatures.

Rich annotation

You can create and modify annotations such as text markup, shapes, measurements, free text, stamps, ink, and sticky notes. Additionally, you can export and import annotations using JSON and XFDF formats.

Custom toolbar

Develop a customized toolbar featuring any functions that can be executed through the toolbar.

Responsive rendering

The Blazor PDF Viewer was designed to be responsive and adapt to changes in the size of the parent element.

Syncfusion Blazor PDF Viewer

The Blazor PDF Viewer is a UI component designed to showcase PDFs using byte arrays, streams, or file paths. You can print PDFs and use annotation tools for reviewing them.