Here is the list of the top 5 features of Blazor PDF Viewer

· Text markup annotations · Handwritten signatures · Easy navigation and interactions · Virtualization · Print PDF documents

The Blazor PDF Viewer allows users to add, edit, and delete text markup annotations in PDF documents. When a PDF file is loaded in the viewer, any existing text markup annotations are also loaded.

Text markup annotations

Handwritten signatures reduce paperwork and digitally verify content. Users can select a signature mode or draw their own signature.

Handwritten signatures

The Blazor PDF Viewer features bookmarks, page thumbnails, hyperlinks, and tables of content for easy page navigation. It also includes interaction modes such as selection and panning.

Easy navigation and interaction

Rendered pages load on demand to help reduce initial load time when working with large PDF documents. This provides a fluid experience when scrolling through pages.


Users can also print the PDF document loaded in the viewer and customize its size and orientation when printing.

Print PDF documents

Syncfusion Blazor PDF Viewer

The Blazor PDF Viewer is a UI component for displaying PDFs from byte arrays, streams, or file paths. In addition to being able to print PDFs, it supports reviewing PDFs with annotation tools. 

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