Explore the Blazor Dashboard Layout control’s five standout features.

· Dynamic Layout Design  · Drag and Drop & Resize Panels  · Floating Support  · Component Placement  · Themes

Dynamic Layout Design

The Blazor Dashboard layout component helps create dynamic dashboard layouts by adding, removing, resizing, floating, and reordering panels to fit users’ requirement.

Drag and Drop & Resize Panels

To replace or reorder panels in the dashboard layout, simply drag and drop them at the desired location. Panels can also be resized to display data clearly and effectively.

Floating Support

Panels within the pattern will automatically arrange themselves by floating upward to fill vacant spaces. As a result, the full layout is utilized effectively.

Component Placement

Integrate any HTML content or Syncfusion Blazor component such as Grids, Charts, Gauges, Maps, and more, to represent metrics or KPIs as panel content inside the dashboards.


The Blazor Dashboard supports several built-in themes such as Fluent, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap 5, Bootstrap 4, Bootstrap, Material, Fabric, and high contrast. Users can customize these built-in themes or create new custom themes using our Theme Studio.

Syncfusion Blazor Dashboard

Syncfusion Blazor Dashboard layout is a grid-structured component that aids in the development of static and dynamic dashboard layouts using panels.