Week number

Enable the week number option to display the week number of the year for a chosen date in the Blazor Calendar component.

Custom calendar

The Blazor Calendar component gives you complete control over how it appears, enabling you to adjust its style to suit your application.

Date selection

The minimum and maximum date options allow you to limit the Blazor Calendar component so that only dates that fall within a certain range can be entered or selected.

Built-in themes

Many built-in themes are supported by the Blazor Calendar component. By simply overriding SASS variables or by using our Theme Studio application, users can alter any of these built-in themes or create new ones to achieve their own desired look and feel.

Web accessibility

Web accessibility features make web applications and content more accessible to people with disabilities. They are especially useful in dynamic content changes when creating advanced user interface components using AJAX, HTML, JavaScript, and related technologies.

Syncfusion Blazor Calendar

The Blazor Calendar is a component used to show the date and days of the week. It offers month, year, and decade views to enable quick navigation to a specific date.