Radio Button size and label

Two button sizes are available (default and small) with our Angular Radio Button. Use the label property to define the Radio Button caption and place it on either side of the button.

Radio Button group

Radio Button groups are created using the name attribute . The advantage of grouping is that the checked item alone is sent to the server while submitting the form.

Form support

Angular Radio Button supports these forms seamlessly: • HTML forms • Template-driven forms • Reactive forms

Two-way binding

Bind the Angular Radio button with a dropdown list component to achieve two-way binding. Changes to the Radio Button value will be reflected in the dropdown list.


Using CSS rules, you can customize the Radio Button appearance (inner/outer circles). By assigning the class name to the cssClass property, you can create your own rule.

Syncfusion Angular Radio Button

The Angular Radio Button is a unique HTML5 input component that lets you select an item from a list of predefined options.