Dive into the world of the Angular Pivot table with a spotlight on these five standout features.

· Seamless data binding  · High performance    · Integration with Chart  · Drill down and drill up  · Conditional formatting

Seamless data binding

You can bind JSON data, remote data services, and CSV data to the controlfor data analysis. . The Pivot Table can also be linked to an OLAP cube, and the output displayed in both tabular and graphical representations.

High performance

Users can easily load large amounts of raw data into the pivot engine, aggregate it, and analyze it as needed without any performance degradation.. Easily  navigate to a desired view by using the vertical and horizontal scrollbars.

Integration with Chart

You can easily integrate your Pivot Table with independently rendered pivot data to create charts based on the selected data from the Grid. It supports more than 20 chart types.

Drill down and drill up

Enables the visualization of data in detailed views and abstract views, using built-in drill-down (expand) and drill-up (collapse) features, respectively. The data is displayed in a grouped format by default.

Conditional formatting

Users can easily change a Pivot Table cell value’s appearance (background color, font color, font family, and font size) as required.

Syncfusion Angular pivot table

Pivot Table is used to organize and summarize business data and display it in the form of a grid and chart.

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