· Standard Mask    · Developers friendly APIs     · Regular Expression    · Form support and   validation  · HTML5 input type support

Explore the Top 5 Features of Angular Input Mask

Standard Mask

This feature is a combination of standard and custom mask elements that validate the user input.

Developers friendly APIs

Developers can customize all UI elements and control behaviors using client-side APIs.

Regular Expression

Angular Input Mask elements can be regular expressions, useful when defining user-specific data such as IP addresses.

Form support and validation

When submitting a form, the input mask validates whether the entered data is in the specified format.

HTML5 input type support

Users can create masked textboxes from HTML5 tel input, to obtain number-only inputs.

Syncfusion’s Angular   Input Mask

Syncfusion’s Angular Input Mask is a component that provides an easy and reliable way to collect user input, to validate data values.

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